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by Richard Blanco

Royal intrigue, long-buried magic, and a time-traveling scheme to save the human kingdoms collide in Stormheilm
Stormheilm is an ambitious and unpredictable time-traveling adventure with a classic father-son struggle at its core. Featuring inventive use of magical powers and a complicated cast of characters who defy the binary of good and evil.
# Adventure
# Epic
# Fantasy
# Magical Realism
# Medieval

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Daniel Fehr was born into royalty. Raised in an era where technology and magic are banned and taught a strict family code and leadership skills to govern the four kingdoms against emerging threats. All of that changed when a peasant girl stole his heart when he was 15. A relationship that is still active in his adult life and became a destructive secret that led to his downfall. Now as the current King of Stormheilm and in a morganatic marriage. The past has come back in the form of a coup d'état by his first son Nathaniel Fehr and an entourage of maniacal witches. What made the noble prince take the path of retribution to claim his throne? A secretive truth revealed by the devious witches leader, Sha: A half-brother from his father’s love affair. A treasonous act that has tainted the Fehr royal bloodline and caused a family war with mystical technology, forbidden magic, and hidden mysteries of time-travelers who have come to protect Daniel’s illegitimate newborn, The Child of Prophecy. The havoc waiting to be unleashed by Nathaniel and the harbinger of death, Sha, who lured him into a much bigger conquest to find the child--Daniel must not only protect his kingdom, his wife, and his first love. But stop the reemergence of corrupting magic that destroyed human civilization before.