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"A Blend of Harmonies: A Magic Christmas Tale"

by Winter Publishing House

Do you hear what I hear?
A Winter Souls Series Prequel Novella
# Adventure
# Fantasy
# High Fantasy
# Christian
# Young Adult

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Red versus Green. It has always been this way since the beginning of the war. Charlie and Cora are from different kingdoms. Charlie is a son of the woods, the pines, and the deep earth-shaking drums of celebration and war–a true Green Kingdom citizen. Cora is as Red as its gets; a daughter of crimson dresses and scarlet stained-glass, living among the royals in the Red Kingdom palace with all its luxuries and twisted games. But when they’re brought together by a mysterious power who calls himself Elowin for a reason neither can seem to figure out, they learn they each carry a weight on their shoulders placed there by their own kingdoms. And if they want to be free, they’ll have to figure out who exactly Elowin is, what he's doing, and why his plan involves them both, before Charlie is caught in Red Kingdom territory where he will have to face the wrath of the Red royals. A Blend of Harmonies is the first Christmas themed novella in a set of prequels to the Winter Souls Series by Jennifer Kropf. The full book of novellas and short stories (called Carols and Spies, Princes and Pies) is coming in 2023.