"Maggie Mae, Detective Extraordinaire: The Case of the Missing Cookies"

by Margo Dill

Free, Fun Mystery Picture Book for Kids
Solve the mystery with child sleuth, Maggie Mae!
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Maggie Mae, detective extraordinaire, is on the case of who stole her grandma's super-duper snickerdoodles. With her detective's badge and notebook, she finds clues, interviews suspects, and sets a trap. Who did it--Grandpa, her brother Ben, or Toby the dog? Finally, she reveals the culprits and saves the cookies. Suggested age range for readers: 4-8 Once you receive this book in your email, you will be signed up for my newsletter which is for both Margo L. Dill, the author, news and Editor-911 Books news (my publishing company!). Thank you and have a great day!