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"Breaking Glass"
by A. S. French
Four crime short stories with a twist.
Dark short stories.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Love Like Blood - Would you kill for love? Contrary to the old song, love isn’t like oxygen. A chance meeting on the dance floor of a grimly lit nightclub leads the characters into places they’d never thought they’d go. The Woman Upstairs - Some secrets are not worth discovering. In the right circumstances, everyone is capable of murder. Bethany wasn’t cut out to be a carer, but she wasn’t really cut out for any job which included honesty, empathy, and compassion. But when she discovered her latest client, the frail, old Agatha Miller had a secret fortune stashed in the bedroom of her dingy flat, she couldn’t overcome her nature. The Switch - Your doppelganger has a better life than you. Would you switch? This isn’t trading places – this is switching your life completely. If you’d reached rock bottom, hit the lowest point you could go and were then offered a chance out, to live a life you could have only imagined, what would you do to take it? Fortune Teller - Would you take some good luck if a mix of bad came with it? Work hard, and success will come - isn’t that what people always say? But how much does good luck play in that, and if you could manipulate fortunate to guarantee success, no matter the consequences to others, would you do it?