"Something In The Dark: Full Mystery Novel"

by Pamela Cowan

Afraid of the dark?
A dark domestic thriller.
# Mystery
# Thriller
# Psychological Thriller
# Domestic

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Austin Ward, likes to believe she's learned to live with her fear of the dark. She's put the past behind her and there's even a new man in her life. But when people she cares about are brutally murdered, Austin realizes she can no longer pretend. To find the truth behind the deaths she must face and overcome her fear. But who is the killer? Is it someone out to get her? Has a serial killer come to her small Pacific Northwest town? Or, has something sinister followed her from childhood, something she met once before...in the dark? "A tense, convincing and powerful psychological thriller. " ​~Beeshon, UK Reviewer "SOMETHING IN THE DARK is an excellent psychological thriller that keeps the reader guessing until the very end. I do not want to say more as the true thrill of the story is Ms. Cowan keeping the reader in the dark." ~Amazon Reviewer Visit Amazon #1 Best Seller and NSQ Award winning author Pamela Cowan's website at pamelacowan.com