"Ruthless Enforcer"

by Melverna McFarlane

An unwise bet leads Cantrelle to more than she ever imagined.
A hot and sexy motorcycle romance.
# Contemporary
# Multicultural
# Romance
# Motorcycle Club
# Steamy

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He won’t stop until he makes me his and he’ll do it one devastating kiss at a time. I like my life simple. Wake up. Race my bike. Ride a dick. Rinse and repeat. I don’t come from any of Louisiana’s old or monied families. I’m not one to need pampering and I prefer a hint of danger with my breakfast. That’s why I begin to seriously consider the President of the all-women Flossin’ on Stiletto wHeels Motorcycle Club’s offer to recruit me. I just have one problem. His name is An Bao Luong. He’s everything I steer clear of. His family comes from money, though I’m not certain how they earn their living. He’s my street racing rival who has stolen too many wins for me to be happy about. And he keeps trying to take care of me. I can’t afford to soften to his nice guy routine. If I do, how will I ever recover when he disappears like everyone else in my life?