"Allure of the Night"

by Lissa Bolts

Lost Throne: Short Story Prequel
This story is found in the same universe as Stones & Curses, another exciting urban fantasy series by Lissa Bolts!
# Urban Fantasy
# Shifters
# Vampires
# Paranormal
# Fae

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There’s a monster inside of me. Oh, how I wish I were joking, but nope, I’m not that lucky. It’s not even a metaphor. She’s the real deal, and she’s always there—watching and waiting, biding her time. Hoping for the chance to bite. I’ve spent my whole life keeping a tight lid on this secret while doing my best to tame the beast. But with every passing day, it’s getting harder and harder. Maybe that’s because I don’t want to do it anymore. Not even those closest to me know about her. I’ve worked so hard to create this perfect image, this perfect girl, so they won’t notice what lurks beneath. I’ve clearly got them fooled. The problem is, to get what I really want—what I desire above all else—I’ll need to finally accept who and what I am. And to do that, well… I’ll have to set her free. **This is a short story prequel that will continue in the upcoming Lost Throne Series by Lissa Bolts.**