"The Singer and the Silversmith"

by Jon Sparks

A short story from the world of The Shattered Moon.
Meet a character who'll play a significant part in later books.
# Post-Apocalypse
# Sci-Fi
# Speculative
# Clean

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Seventeen years after she was Chosen to become a Dawnsinger, Evisyn returns to her family home. Naturally, she finds many things have changed, but perhaps she's changed most of all. In the short time she has, how will she reconnect with her family, especially with her younger sister, her 'twin out of time'? Evisyn does not appear in the first two books of The Shattered Moon, but will be a major character in Book Three and later volumes. This episode from her back-story takes place two years after the events of Three Kinds of North. If this is your first encounter with the world of The Shattered Moon, you'll find a few hints about who the Dawnsingers are and what they do, but to get a fuller picture you'll have to read 'Three Kinds of North'.