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"Lucifer's Revelations"
by E.C. Fisher
Lucifer bid his time. Now his Revelations will come to pass.
Unless the Archangel Michael can fulfill his dying Father's last wish. To protect humanity.
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Lucifer detests humanity. They stole the love of his Father and for his transgressions against them, he was cast out of Heaven. He seized Heaven and as God’s creatures struggle in vain, he waited and plotted, as his Revelations came about. The Earth turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland where humans seek shelter underground as the surface crawls with creatures of the Four Horsemen. The Archangel Michael and a ragtag group of teenagers are the only hope for humanity. As they battle against demons and the creatures of the Four Horsemen while traveling across North America to defeat the Anti-Christ before Lucifer's plan solidifies.