"Windows - a science fiction short story"

by Gloria Oliver

In space, one mistake can cost you your life.
An action science fiction short story
# Futuristic
# Inspirational
# Sci-Fi
# Slice of Life
# Space

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Lana Ripkin had always dreamed of exploring the Universe. Unfortunately, reality only allowed her to make it as far as an orbital hotel, employed as a maintenance worker. Looked down on and disrespected by both coworkers and guests. Yet, she's still grateful to have at least made it this far. But space is unforgiving—one mistake and your life could be over in the blink of an eye. Lana spots such a blunder on a departing merchant vessel. No one can get to them in time—no one except perhaps a window washer with only thirty minutes of air left in her tank. Dare she play the odds to save them?