"Alarming Art and Tepid Wine"

by G B Ralph

Alarming Art and Tepid Wine
A gay romcom bonus side story
# Humorous
# Romance
# Coming of Age
# New Adult

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Arthur and Gabriel are officially boyfriends, and it’s Valentine’s Day – what are two guys to do? Arthur has a few ideas, unfortunately those will have to wait until after their dinner date. Oh, and after the amateur art exhibition they’ve promised to attend. It’s not how either of them would’ve chosen to spend the evening, but at least they’ll endure it together. All the while, Arthur’s flip-flopping between warm fuzzies and thirsty anticipation. He knows he’d rather be having Gabriel, but for now he’ll have to make do with the complimentary room-temperature white wine. Still, with their tendency to attract melodrama, will the boys even make it to dinner? Set out with Arthur and Gabriel on their date night to get a taste of the Rise and Shine series in this short story set between the events of Slip and Slide and Over and Out. A Rise and Shine Story Word count: 6,500 words Reading time: 20–30 minutes