by AJ Elliott

Two men. One man's ambition will destroy a civilization. The other carries a secret that he himself doesn't understand, but it could be the key to saving the world that remains.
Lead-up to a young adult sci-fi novel
# Young Adult
# Sci-Fi

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City Secretary Raja Wells has one mission: to convince the reclusive Tribes on the outskirts of Gaobeyna City to disclose their secret technological power--or to prove that it doesn't exist. But when the negotiations don't go as planned. Raja resorts to extreme measures to preserve his career and reputation. Torbin Salek has been Raja's advisor for ten years. In all that time, he never revealed his secret link to the Tribes. When Raja's ambition puts the two men at odds, that link may be the only thing that can save Gaobeyna from the destruction Raja is about to unleash on it. This is the villain origin story to a forthcoming young adult science fiction novel, Windrider.