"Tracker School"
by Iseult Murphy
Are you prepared to die to keep your secret?
Isador has a secret.
Available in MOBI and ePub

Afraid of the adulation from his family and community as one of the chosen few, a Tracker, set to free them from the invaders who oppress them; terrified of being found out and reviled by his peers, the Trackers-Becoming, because he can’t hear the song of creation, the hallmark of his kind. Unable to fit within either world, Isador dreads his annual time of training with the other Trackers-Becoming. With constant, unprovoked attacks by a hawk and being partnered with the most gifted boy in the group, can Isador’s time at Tracker School get any worse? Perhaps, if his secret were discovered… Tracker School is set in a shared fantasy universe and has direct links to A Tracker Becoming.