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"A Roach By Any OtherName"

by Mike Stoumbos

This story is a prequel to the THIS FINE CREW series.
A Mil-Sci-Fi story about First Contact story from THIS FINE CREW Universe The next voume is: The Signal Out Of Space.

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

A Roach By Any Other Name is a first-contact story set during the early space settlement movement. It's about the genius cryptanalyst Augustino Jerome, aka "the linguist," who deciphers an intercepted alien signal enough to determine it's an invitation and that the aliens look like giant cockroaches. While everyone else is on high alert about the ramifications of first contact, Jerome is struggling to settle his crippling fear of insects so he doesn't ruin the first-contact mission. The thing he most fears is now his most important mission Doctor Augustino Jerome has decoded an extraterrestial signal, inviting humans to an important meeting with advanced lifeforms who could help save planet Earth. The only problem: even a downloaded picture of the aliens' appearance is too much for Jerome's entomophobia--fear of bugs. He's the only one who can effectively translate, but will his terrified reaction ruin the mission before it begins?.