"Antiques To Die For"

by Peyton Stone

A Whodunnit Cozy Mystery
If Lola can't discover the truth behind the haiku homicides, she may find herself on the wrong side of karma—with her curiosity killing the cat.

Available in MOBI and ePub

Cats, haikus and cadavers—amateur sleuth Lola didn't expect that her new inheritance would come with such killer poetry. Lola thought she’d find the island small-town peace when she returned to inherit the coveted antique shop. But between a snarky telepathic cat compelled to pen poems about the deserving dead and a trail of chilling haikus left on murder victims, peace and quiet may be too much to ask… When the handsome out-of-town detective arrives to lead the investigation, Lola vows to solve the case and clear her name before she's the next to end up in the killer's rhyming couplet. With gossip spreading faster than facts between her friends and the locals, Lola will have to learn the truth behind the poetic murders quickly, before she's the next to fall victim and become the talk of the town’s wagging tongues. For an empath whose cat has a direct line to her own mind, it's all in a day's work, though Lola could do without the impromptu eulogies. Karma may love a good haiku, but Lola is more of a free verse kind of girl...