"Beyond the Veil"

by Kristin McTiernan

She can't hide from what she did. Or what she is.
A paranormal mystery
# Supernatural
# Urban Fantasy
# Witches
# Second Chance
# Paranormal

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Six years ago, Police Officer Frank Cooper found out a secret so damaging he walked away from his family, shattering his reputation, career, and any illusion of being a good man. Now off the force and looking to start life over, the victim in an old case reaches out to him for help. A victim of kidnapping, Katie Tahiri escaped her captors, but the question of exactly how has been a closely held secret. Katie can't remember. And Frank... he hasn't told anyone what he knows. No longer able to outrun the past, Frank and Katie seek out the answers to what exactly happened that terrible night and what it means for their lives. And their souls.