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"Life in the Shadows"
by Willem Killian
The nightmares started long before the love letters…
A tale of a fantastical monster in an urban setting...
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Rookie reporter Eleanor Kraye, sees a man on the street with a cloud of shadows swirling above his head. This encounter with the 'shadowman' leads her to stumble upon the latest victim of serial killer David I.C.K. – the notorious Ice Cream Killer. Angry at the murder of a young child, Eleanor writes a scathing piece on I.C.K. that propels her into the limelight, but it comes at a cost. Taunting her with notes that appear out of thin air, Eleanor has now become the supernatural serial killer’s latest obsession. Teaming up with Detective Dan Almeida, a man known in the NYPD for solving weird cases, they vow to bring I.C.K. to justice. But Dan is hiding a terrible secret that could cost Eleanor and more innocents their lives. The Dark is gaining momentum, and not even the secret Order of the Eternal Light can hold back the tide that threatens to consume the world.