"Stories From My Other Universe"

by Jen Finelli

"The universe is a dazzling place, and Finelli fully immerses readers in its strangeness with vivid descriptions...space opera fans should snap this up." Publisher's Weekly on the NEODYMIUM UNIVERSE
The secret stand-alone NEODYMIUM UNIVERSE anthology NOT available in stores.
# Space Opera
# Sci-Fi
# Adventure
# Coming of Age
# Military

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Cinta is a faithful older brother in an idyllic jungle, struggling to protect his little sister from loneliness and the occasional sabertoothed cat—when the humans return to his continent. Lem Benzaran is a brand-new teen on her first exploratory mission to an abandoned spaceship—when she finds herself stranded with a shadowy ancient hunger. Jei Bereens is a former child captive on a pilgrimage to study martial arts from a volcano-dwelling hermit—without revealing the painful threads of his own raw past. With these stories and more, welcome to this special release of stand-alone tales in the Universe of the NEODYMIUM CHRONICLES (a critically-acclaimed space opera series from Wordfire Press). From icy voids to steaming underbrush, from existential hunger to xenophillic loneliness, whether you’re new to the Universe, or an old Paradox Warrior yourself, take a moment to explore beyond the hum-drum of your planet’s atmosphere. Buckle into the co-pilot’s seat—make sure you’re signed up to get the free secret updates to this book—and take a deep breath as you prepare for takeoff…into my other Universe.