"If a Butterfly Companion Book"

by Michael Sirois

Nine Characters, One Butterfly, Chaos Theory
If a butterfly flaps its wings in Canada will a desperate deejay go postal in Virginia?
# Climate Change
# Space
# Holiday
# Literary Fiction

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When a butterfly begins its annual migration from Canada to Mexico, nine people (a scientist, a couple of teachers, an actress, someone who hears voices no one else can, a rock deejay, a grad student, a quilter, and an astronaut) all experience changes in their lives. Was the butterfly responsible? The If a Butterfly series is a lot like Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon — if Kevin just happened to be a butterfly. You can get this free companion book to the series today. It includes a preview of the two books in the series, Chrysalis and Emergence, plus some character studies, maps, a photo album, and a bunch of really great recipes from the characters (all personally taste-tested by the author). Yum! Click on the Get the Story button above to get your free copy of the companion book today. The series will be published in December 2021.