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"Emerging Storm"
by Matt Edsand
How did an enemy of the Grekk Empire rise to become its top Envoy?
A space military adventure narrated from the point of view of a non combatant.
Available in MOBI and ePub

Celeste is the Grekk Empire's top Envoy ... But she isn't really a Grekk ... Humanity did not survive the end of the Enigma War. But the resulting peace remains elusive. The galaxy's most powerful species, the Grekk Empire, heads the Imperium Alliance and favors a new policy of negotiation over war. On a routine first round of negotiations with the Zandrax, a new species, at the fringe of the galaxy, something is amiss. A storm is brewing. The Zandrax are bent on challenging the galaxy's order. Will Celeste be able to hold onto her secret? Can the Zandrax incursion be neutralized? And, will the peace survive this incursion? If you like fast-paced space adventures with twists and turns and Star Trek, you will enjoy Emerging Storm.