"Gray Code Liaison"

by Mavery Ellscott

It Should Have Been a Straightforward Op
A Shadow Defense Romantic Suspense Novella
# Romance
# Suspense
# Thriller
# Second Chance
# Espionage

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Cade could have turned down the mission and left his relationship with Maddison in the past, but the MI6 agent’s request for his help is too tempting. The last time Shadow Defense worked with Maddison’s team, he knew he wanted more than friendship. This mission is Cade’s chance to find out if they could have a future together. Maddison’s life is slowly unraveling, and she needs a change that doesn’t include MI6. She’s promised herself that this will be her last mission. Her request for Cade’s help is the perfect opportunity to see if Cade could be part of that change? When the mission takes an unexpected turn, Cade is forced to push his feelings for Maddison aside and find out what she’s hiding. Will Maddison’s secret tear them apart? Discover what really happened during Cade’s last mission in this prequel to Book One in the private military police series Shadow Defense. If you like a fast-paced story and a slow-burn romance with twists and turns, then you’ll love Gray Code Liaison.