"A Rhakha for the Tokonn"

by Quincy J. Allen

A young man forges a mighty weapon to face a deadly beast to pass his rite of manhood.
A bold rite of passage tale with magic, mystery, and monsters.
# Action
# Fantasy
# High Fantasy
# Magic
# Sword & Sorcery

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A Rhakha for the Tokonn A young blacksmith must forge a mighty weapon to complete his rite of passage into manhood. He'll risk everything to face a mighty terror from the depths. Along the way, he exposes a family secret that forges bonds he never dreamed of. What is Eldros Legacy? The Eldros Legacy is a multi-author, shared-world, mega-epic fantasy project managed by four Founders who share the vision of a new, expansive, epic fantasy world. In the coming years the Founders committed themselves to creating multiple storylines where they and many others will explore and write about a world once ruled by tyrannical giants. The Founders are working on four different primary storylines on four different continents. Over the coming years, those four storylines will merge into a single meta story where fates of all races on Eldros will be decided. In addition, a growing list of guest authors, short story writers, and other contributors will delve into virtually every corner of each continent. It’s a grand design, and the Founders have high hopes that readers will delight in exploring every nook and cranny of the Eldros Legacy. So, please join us and explore the world of Eldros and the epic tales that will be told by great story tellers, for Here There Be Giants! We encourage you to follow us at www.eldroslegacy.com to keep up with everything going on. If you sign up there, you’ll get our newsletter and announcements of new book releases. You can also follow up on FaceBook at facebook.com/groups/eldroslegacy. Sincerely, Todd, Marie, Mark, and Quincy (The Founders)