by Steve Conoboy
Only a desperate Cap'n out of choices would dare to sail across Krakenvale...
Disaster marks the start of this humorous pirate adventure, packed with action and wild revelations.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

No-one sails through Krakenvale. There isn’t a reason good enough. Except Silus de Senza is no normal Cap’n, and he’s in another not-normal situation. He’s on the run from three vicious crews, he’s made yet another promise to Eliza Mantroshino, and Krakenvale dwells between him and escape. He’s a man of reason. There’s a map, and the map depicts an island, and someone must have been there in order to draw the chart. Been there and survived. If some artist can live through the journey, then surely Silus de Senza, One o’ the Eight can too? Out of options, the Machiavelli and her desperate crew of lasses an’ lads sail out across Krakenvale, with danger behind, ahead, and under them. Long-held secrets await and terrifying legends prepare to attack...