"Dirk Goes to Church - A prequel to the Kathaldi Chronicles"

by Ron L. Lahr

It's not what you think! A priest of the God of War needs Dirk's help.
An introduction to the world of the Kathaldi Chronicles, a fantasy series featuring Dirk, a sarcastic thief.
# Fantasy
# Epic
# High Fantasy
# Comedy

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"Look, I think we can all agree that sometimes having friends is a real pain in the ass. They want you to do all sorts of things for them. Help them move. Kill a guy. Hide a body." - Dirk “The hero is a sarcastic, anti-social jerk, which is why he’s perfect." Dan Gookin, international bestselling author. "If David Eddings, Joe Abercrombie and Douglas Adams had their brains sucked out and blended together then reanimated they would write a book like this." RK Billiau, author of Primeverse. Dirk is a thief and a scoundrel but his friend, a priest of the god of war, needs his help. Join Dirk as he tells his story and helps set the stage for the events of the fantasy series the Kathaldi Chronicles: Children of Kathaldi, Assassins of Kathaldi and Destroyers of Kathaldi, all either available now or coming soon to Amazon.com and Kindle Unlimited. ***** A thief with dreams of adventure. An eternal battle against the Gods. Free drinks and grateful women. Dirk is a scoundrel. Some would say a jerk. He’ll admit it. But his ambition only goes as far as his next heist. It’s not that he’s against noble causes or grand adventures. To hear him tell it, he’s had a few. As long as there’s something in it for him. But when a childhood friend shows up with an unbelievable tale, Dirk must decide if he really is up for adventure worthy of the songs of bards. The last time the Kathaldi battled the Gods, they nearly destroyed the world. Can Dirk and his companions can prevent the world from sliding into chaos once more? If women and treasure await, he’s going to give it his best shot. Come explore a richly detailed world of madness, monsters and mayhem, and help write the next chapter of The Kathaldi Chronicles.