"In Fiji"
by Emily Bourne
A Sweet Holiday Romance Adventure
Christmas In Fiji! Rumour has it...
Available in MOBI and ePub

After a year filled with ups and downs, the twins are off to Fiji! The trip is a Sweet Sixteen present from their mother, and they are jetting off during the Christmas holidays. Brittany wishes she packed her boyfriend in her luggage. What good is a trip to a tropical resort if she can't snuggle up with him by the pool? Newly single Charli prepares herself for a year abroad. The timing couldn’t be worse. She and her sister are finally getting along! Will this trip bring the sisters closer, or will obstacles pull them further apart? When a cute British boy crushes on Brittany, she panics and asks Charli to swap identities. Charli is adamant, no boy drama for the new year, but there is something about Tristan! Who knew there was a boy both twins found cute! If you loved In A Mirror by Emily Bourne, you’ll be dying to know what happened on holiday. In Fiji is a side story taking place between events in the novel In A Mirror. It is recommended to read In A Mirror before reading In Fiji, however, the story stands alone. "The ultimate in teen summer vacation fun." Read this story first if you enjoy living on the wild side!