"A Rite of Blood and Fire"

by Brand J Alexander

Asahn's rite of passage into manhood will end in blood and fire.
Short story prequel to Tears of Hatsunae an epic fantasy series.
# Fantasy
# Epic

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For a Kahn Shogal, the rite of manhood is a profound life event, though one every boy in the tribe experiences. To prove his right to this new adult status, a boy of age must venture alone into the harsh wilderness and return with proof of his conquest. But for Asahn, heir to his people’s chieftain, this ritual is anything but commonplace. His successes and failures are viewed with a more critical eye, and any trophy he returns with must be worthy of the future leader of the tribe. Asahn planned for this day, however, and his sights are set on the perfect trophy to prove his worth as a man and son of the Kah Hrah. But a plan only gets you so far. Asahn’s rite of manhood will lead him into a struggle of life and death and a question of his very honor. Little does he know this is only the first of many trials to come.