"Matt - A Jasper Creek Novel"

by Robecca Austin

The one cowboy she can’t have makes an offer to save her ranch.
A small town cowboy romance
# Romance
# Second Chance
# Small Town
# Multicultural
# Billionaires

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Sunny Gale is her grandfather’s legacy. She has one purpose for returning to the small town of Jasper; turn her late grandfather’s ranch into a therapy operation. The ranch is in need of work and money. Hard work, she has in spades; money, not so much. Matt is an optimist. After five long years of allowing his father to dictate his life - he’s done. He wants Sunny, and no one, not even his father, is going to keep them apart. But Matt is a Jenkins, and his father has the power to ruin her dream for the ranch. When she’s forced to choose between keeping the ranch or giving it up, can he convince Sunny to accept his help?