by Dr Andrew C S Koh

from faith to faith
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Reviews: This book simplifies Paul's powerful message of the good news and eternal salvation through the church. Additionally, the book demonstrates how God’s righteousness is an act of grace through faith in Christ. Mio Rave, e-book fair, 5 stars. Romans is one of the best works of Dr. Andrew C.S. Koh. The messages of the book—the religious themes—are intelligible through familiar biblical events. Gurtizak Karen, e-book fair, 5 stars. This study guide makes the book of Romans come alive in such a way that readers know where to turn, no matter where they find themselves in their spiritual journey. I think this book can be used in a Bible study environment. I am of the opinion that it will provide excellent discussion material for Bible study students. Anne Mohamed, e-book fair, 5 stars I found the book to be a great study guide and a great time to reflect on myself. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of Romans, Kevin Booker, Amazon, 5 stars. This book clearly states scripture and then summarizes it, making it easy to understand.T. Townsend, Amazon, 5 stars. I plan to share this daily Bible Study with my personal study group and am excited to work and grow with this study once again. Dr. Andrew C S Koh is an excellent author, he allows you to form your own opinions and learn more and dwell more in the steps of Christ. PAR, Goodreads, 5 stars. This book is a great Bible study to learn more about the Epistle of Romans written by the Apostle Paul. Each chapter and paragraph is well explained even a layman can understand. Some of the Greek words are translated which makes it more interesting to read and understand, J. Sharmani, Amazon, 5 stars. As usual, Dr. Koh has written a great book that teaches the reader about the book of Romans in a relatable way to help one along with their studies in Christianity and as a Christian, Rowan E Creech, Bookbub. 5 stars.