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"The Final Patient"

by martin reed

A compendium of stories introducing the alternative world of the Pentacle Papers series
A world where the Third Reich meets the Swinging Sixties, neuroscience meets espionage .
# Alternate Universe
# Sci-Fi
# Espionage
# Humorous
# Historical Fiction

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'The Final Patient' is a short story based on an episode in my novel 'The Hammond Conjecture': Mary is starting to 'lose her marbles'. Soon it'll be time for the hospice. But this is a hospice in a different world... As well as 'The Final Patient', there are the opening chapters of the Pentacle Papers novels, alternative history comic thrillers set in the period 1967-1975 in a world where Britain had signed a peace treaty with Hitler in 1941. For more information, please sign up to my newsletter at: Praise for 'The Hammond Conjecture': "Very well thought-out … Reminds me of Michael Moorcock's earlier novels." – Gary Gibson, leading British sci-fi writer, "Anyone purchasing Martin Reed's book is in for a pleasant surprise, for not only can he write very well but his novel-cum-alternative history of a Britain that had made peace with Nazi Germany is very funny and extremely clever." "Well constructed, clever, blending multiple timelines, and authentically seen through the eyes of a unique narrator-protagonist, the Conjecture is a page-turner that also makes you stop and think; a feel-good humorous adventure that can make you cry; an exotic and sexy novel filled with candour; a maze of intrigues that still takes its time." "Hugh Hammond is an everyman, who thinks with every organ other than his brain. And unfortunately, the fate of Europe lies in his hands." For more information visit my website: