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"Toil and Trouble (Yverwood Witches, #1)"

by Amara Lynn

Welcome to Yverwood
A cozy magical town
# Fantasy
# Witches
# Magic
# Occult

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Welcome to Yverwood. In this town full of magic, anything is possible. From warlocks and witches to ghosts to magical creatures, Yverwood welcomes all. In this first vignette into the town, follow nonbinary witch, Aren, and their cat, Ji, as they enjoy the fall festivities, run their magic shop, and get up to some mischief. What exactly is the warlock Wutherford up to? Why won't the ghost whisper Ezra give any details? Will the shy girl get the girl? Whatever may come, Aren will eagerly await, ready to tackle every challenge that comes their way in the meantime. As for you, dear reader, may you find out in future volumes of Yverwood Witches.