by MJ Krause-Chivers
Katarina And Anna Get Lost in the Woods During the War
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By downloading this free story, you're agreeing to sign up to my newsletter and get updates on my books. This is a sample of writing based on the series, Russian Mennonite Chronicles. Book One: Katarina's Dark Shadow is now available on Amazon. Please see author links for details. Katarina and her sister Anna are young Mennonite women who cope with the tragedies of WW1 and the Russian Revolution while living in southern Ukraine. This brutal era pitted the German colonists between the Russian and German sides of the war. The women's story was predictably horrific. Since this book is based on real events and inspired by true stories, we follow the historical time line. In this free story, the women experience fear, tragedy but also a happy moment when WW1 ended in 1918 and before the civil war exploded. This fascinating moment will be included in Book three of the upcoming series. And now, just for signing up, you have a sneak peek at Katarina and Anna's future.