"Taboo Tales"

by Hank Dolworth

Three Stories of Forbidden Lust
Cheating, Age Gap, Forbidden
# Erotic Romance
# Erotica
# Steamy

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These stories were previously published on Medium and cover many different tropes and niches. I hope you enjoy these short tales. They are short and spicy and end with happy for now. 1. Getting Wet With Traci - It’s a sizzling hot day, and Traci is frustrated when her trucker husband leaves abruptly for a 10-hour run. She and a friend decide to go to the river to cool off and get wet and a little wild. (cheating, exhibitionism)
 2. Giving Her Professor Extra Credit - Professor Talbot is confused about why Chelsea shows up for the final exam. She doesn’t need to take the test, as she’s already aced the class. Chelsea waits until the test is over before showing the professor her appreciation on her knees. (age gap, student-teacher, taboo)
 3. Tabby Can’t Say No - Michael is grieving the death of his adopted mother and finds solace with her twin sister, Tabby. He can only fight temptation for so long before he sinks into the passion they both feel for each other (taboo, interracial, age gap)