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"BASTION - Saga of the Freewilds, Book Three (Special Preview Edition)"

by Michael Paul Scott

The terrified gentry of the coastal city of Westport are being preyed upon by the insidious Man in White.
Their hopes lie with the embattled members of the Westport Watch and their newly minted Watch Commander...
# Dark
# Detective
# Fantasy
# Horror
# Mystery

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Banished in disgrace, former Detective Constable Lukarde Alfans endured a dangerous journey to a faraway, forbidden land, experiencing harrowing trauma, torment, and treachery. He arrived in Westport, a city on the western coast of the Freewilds, at the behest of a missive sent by a wizened old knight of the Castillands, and of the promise of a new hope for justice to prevail. Lukarde found himself in a city beset by corruption, imperiled by the machinations of the same dread cult that destroyed his life and sent him into exile. He found himself in a city whose constabulary, the Westport Watch, had gone far too long without the stabilizing influence of a strong and competent leader. He found himself precisely where he was destined to be. Now, as Westport's newest Watch Commander, Lukarde Alfans must begin to rally the beleaguered watchers and help them to right the wrongs of long decades of ignorance and neglect, and to write a new chapter for themselves and the gentry they are all sworn to serve. The Cult of Ebon, meanwhile, hastens toward an escalation of their insidious plans, sowing havoc, seeding chaos, and harvesting from the very life's blood of the Freewilds...