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"Someone Like You"

by Pax Sinclair

In a perfect world, finding an amazing man like Luke would be impossible. So how did I end up with two incredible, gorgeous men that want to take his place?
“Is it worth it, to face your demons for a second chance at love?”
# Chick Lit
# Contemporary
# Romance
# Steamy
# Women's Fiction

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Emma writes romances that are in danger of bursting into flames from the heat. She's obsessed. Devoting all her time to her steamy novels; while living through the wild sexy exploits of her characters to forget the heartbreaking torment from the past. She’s forced away from her structured existence with the appearance of two men, one from her old life and the other from the present. They crash into her life dragging chaos to her door, battling for her heart and a place in her bed. A choice between two men drives her old fears to the surface forcing her to confront desires that will break her world apart again. But is it worth it, to face your demons for a second chance at love? This is a triangle romance and the first of a series. This book is a standalone. Contemporary steamy romance.