"Born of Dark Collection 1 (Books 1-3)"

by Eric E. Cane

Vampires the way they were meant to be.
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# Horror
# Vampires
# Fantasy
# Small Town
# Dark

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Thank you for considering a download of this 3-book review collection. If you are so inclined, please also consider leaving a review with Amazon (link to be provided) or to my email address given at the end of the book. Book 1 Small town Marshfield, Wisconsin, has unwelcome guests. The Unnatural have come to live among—and feed on—the lifeblood of this rural community, this “good stock.” Keena Markholm, a young woman starting out in life, finds herself drawn to newcomer Master Edgar—a man of dark power and intent. Master Edgar has come to kill. At his side, Keena finds her grasp on the life she knew slipping, and she is thrust into a life, and horror, she never could have imagined. Book 2 The Unnatural threat grows and strengthens. Keena is put in charge of the cleansings as Master Edgar must embark on a secret mission from which he may not return. Father Joseph readily stands with Keena, while dealing with his own crisis of faith—his increasing pleasure in killing. With Master Edgar out of the way, Chad's affection for Keena becomes dangerous. In the background, Dreah makes a decision that could bring down the House of P.O.E. Book 3 Lightfoot stands watch over a comatose Master Edgar, waiting for “he who would crack the earth” to arise. We discover how Master Edgar came to be and what happened to his wife, Elaine, in Kentucky those many years ago. Elements within the Catholic Church have formed their own directive against the Unnatural threat. They have begun to distrust House of P.O.E., fearing they would not be able to control the group should the time come. Father Orin brings Molly Pentinat, a small, determined woman into the House of P.O.E. to fight at their side. Soon, Keena finds her child is missing and begins a frantic search to find him—only to encounter Serena, who has drawn her own forces to the small town of Marshfield.