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"Summer: Finch's Crossing Book Three"
by Amy Ruth Allen
Small Town, Feel-Good Fiction
Each heartwarming Finch's Crossing novel evokes the special joys of the seasons as the Hamilton sisters search for love, personal fulfillment, and a renewed connection to the cozy town they call home.
Available in MOBI and ePub

There is a season for everything, but what if it comes at the wrong time? Free-spirited Summer Hamilton has fallen back in love with her charming hometown. After ten years of chasing the open road, she lovingly restores a historic building in Finch's Crossing, and opens a yoga studio to much fanfare. Surrounded by the friends and neighbors of her childhood, it feels right to put down roots and reconnect with her sisters, and she's proud of everything she is accomplishing as an entrepreneur and small-business owner. But then she meets carefree Trevor Banks, and their instant connection is electrifying. There's only one problem. Trevor's job building adventure parks takes him around the country for weeks at a time. Having just tamed her wanderlust, Summer must decide if she should join Trevor on the road in order to be with the man she loves. What is she willing to give up for her soulmate? Or can she and Trevor find a compromise that suits them both? But as the couple's long-distance relationship blooms, a nagging voice in Summer's head keeps asking, "Just exactly how 'carefree' is Trevor?" Summer is the third book in the Finch's Crossing series, and a breath of fresh air for readers who love feel-good fiction set in cozy small towns. Throw in a mystery Summer must solve before someone gets hurt, and other couples learning to compromise in their relationships, and you have a heartwarming story about what it means to live, love, and let live. Get your copy of Summer today, and meet this enchanting heroine who radiates love, kindness, and wisdom wherever she goes.