"Embracing the Void"
by Liam Starker
The Void. Where monsters are born. And some unlucky souls are turned...
A work of dark fantasy, where the villain is the main character throughout the series.
Available in MOBI and ePub

The Void is the birthplace of monsters. It is a dark ocean, seemingly made out of pure evil, that encircles Edinu, the center of all creation. Only the alvur, a warrior race sworn to protect Life Before All Else, stand between the Void and eternal darkness. When an alvur Royal Guardsman, Eiric, is taken by the Void, the Dark One's plan is set in motion. Eiric is to be turned into a monster and then set loose to find the Chosen - a human who will bring about the fall of mankind. Eiric however, resists, trying desperately to cling to the pureness within him. But how much pain and suffering can a pure soul endure before he is turned into an emissary of the Void? In the end, the choice is almost too easy - Monsters also have a right to live...