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"The Ghost of CreepCat"

by AJ Vanderhorst

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A funny, scary and dangerous short story for kids
# Fantasy
# Middle Grade
# Adventure
# Magic
# Mystery

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Track the ghost cat! Step into the shiny sneakers of the irrepressible Lila Banks as she follows her cat Orangesicle—and fights to survive the night—in a forest where trails move around, strange creatures prowl, and pets are not always what they seem. When Lila takes a hike on her twelfth birthday, she doesn't expect to be stalked by the ghost of her recently-deceased cat. He was never very nice, but trying to eat her takes unlikable to a whole new level. - A spine-tingling, solvable central mystery - An alternate USA where monsters stalk the suburbs - "A true adventure, where the stakes are high, the danger real, and the goal almost impossible to reach" (Bookworm for Kids) If you’ve never encountered AJ Vanderhorst’s award-winning stories, The Ghost of CreepCat is a perfect Hey, how are you? And if you’re already acquainted, you’ll pick up on some extra clues. Available exclusively here.