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"Unity Pointe"

by R.T. Breach

An honest woman is swept into a storm of power and deceit.
A post-apocalyptic thrill ride.
# Action
# Adventure
# Thriller
# Sci-Fi

Available in EPUB and MOBI formats. Read on your Kindle, phone, tablet, computer and more

The Singularity happened, and nobody got a video. Afterward, what remained of humanity, sheltered inside Mother Earth. Protected from flame and frost. Earth reeled and staggered for decades, convulsing from an unknown source of destruction. As if the hand of God smote the entire planet. New Melbourne explorers ventured out and confirmed the unbelievable—Earth was far off its axis. God’s judgment destroyed almost everything. Antarctica was now an archipelago, teeming with flora and fauna. Trapped underground, nobody was an atheist. Penitent, they prayed humbly for mercy daily in the caverns. The sign was obvious— Providence spared a chosen few. Passed over by the shadow of death. The ensuing decades melded Christianity with environmental stewardship. The Elite rose under the Emergency, firmly ensconcing two families in power. House Xing, powerhouse android manufacturer and House Stone, fusion energy contractor. They saved humanity and took power as payment. 10,000 people survived the Singularity because of them. They rebuilt and repopulated in caverns carved by robots deep underground for decades. Unity Pointe, Antarctica. The first planned city after Re-emergence. The new world had endless opportunities—including gold, silver, diamonds, coal, oil, and natural gas resources. Chances only the Elite of New Melbourne could exploit. Propaganda portrayed the Elite class as heroes of Christian Stewardship and environmental responsibility. Kelly Alvarez, junior enviro-cop, collides with reality when two prominent Elites take off their masks and expose their corrupt nature. They want to dominate the planet. Unfortunately, a dedicated environmental officer Kelly Alvarez won’t let them skirt the laws. Thunderstruck, she’s gotten herself in too deep. High ranking Elites expect her to comply or die. So Alvarez chooses the third way—she runs! Will justice prevail or will House Xing and House Stone press forward, unimpeded? Can humanity survive itself?