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"Lightbulb Moments in Human History: From Cave to Colosseum"

by Scott Edwin Williams

Lightbulb Moments in Human History
You’ll never see history the same way again.
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From the first flickers of ingenuity, humankind has excelled in civilization-defining inventions and innovations. Lightbulb Moments in Human History takes a playful and perceptive look at how these big ideas have driven humanity’s inevitable rise. • Be astounded by the accidental invention of writing • Be amazed at how beer kick-started civilization • Be appalled by Zeus' shape-shifting bestial dalliances Enjoy irreverent, yet affectionate, glimpses into the lives of ancient peoples… Discover binge-drinking Egyptians, sacrifice-obsessed Mayans, and kama sutra-inspired Indians. Explore the evolution of sciences, religions, technologies, and social systems. Lightbulb Moments in Human History is perfect for history buffs, trivia nuts, and anyone seeking a cheeky perspective on our collective journey. It sheds humorous and thought-provoking light on our common heritage. You’ll never see history the same way again. Praise for Lightbulb Moments in Human History "Here’s your chance to learn and enjoy Big History in a slightly 'deranged' romp." Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Australian science communicator "Whether you’re a history buff or looking to expand your historical horizons, this book is a great read." How It Works Magazine