"Broken Contracts"

by M. J. Kaestli

A Broken Crowns Companion Novel
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# Dystopian
# Fairy Tale
# Futuristic
# Sci-Fi
# Young Adult

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An escaped princess. A queen who wants her dead. The man caught in their secret war. John lives in the shadow of his father’s treason, cast out of society to scratch out a meager existence on a barren farm. His wife and children are on the verge of starvation. When John’s sister helps the renegade princess start an uprising, the queen offers him a better life in exchange for crushing the brewing rebellion. Willing to do anything to save his family, John eagerly accepts. But as he gets lured deeper into the queen’s schemes and the rebels threaten his family, John fears the price might be too high. His enemies won’t stop until John and his family are dead. Can John save the kingdom, or will his family pay the ultimate price? Broken Contracts is a companion novel to M. J. Kaestli’s thrilling new series, Broken Crowns. Perfect for fans of Kiera Cass’s The Selection Series and Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, these dystopian fairytale retellings are full of intrigue, suspense, and murder. Join the hunt and grab your copy today!