"Mental Health De-Mystified"

by Craig Marchant

Mental Health De-Mystified
A brief introduction into the world of mental health illnesses
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Since the age of 12 years old, I've had Depression and Anxiety. When I turned 17, I was also diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder - Basically, that's Schizophrenia, but the symptoms are mainly brought on by severe depression. I've spent a huge portion of my life working with my mental illness and learning the different ways I can improve it. But I noticed that their lacked information on mental illness in general, especially in layman's terms or as I like to say "Plain English". That is where this eBook comes into it; it's my way of providing some insight into the world of mental health illnesses and what it may look like and how it might be treated. This isn't a comprehensive book, but it does cover the main mental health illnesses and some of the associated treatment options, etc. I hope that you, the reader, find this resource useful and helps you to understand the world of mental illness better.