"My Bad Self: The prequel novella to the psychological thriller My ... Self series"

by Jessica Huntley

My Bad Self is the prequel you didn't know you needed ... until now!
Good or bad. Right or wrong. It’s time to choose.
# Psychological Thriller
# Thriller
# Suspense
# Mystery

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My Bad Self is the prequel novella to the hugely popular psychological thriller My … Self series, set four years before the events of My Dark Self. If you loved the My … Self series of books then you’ll be jumping at the chance to read more about the dynamic duo or if you’ve never read the series, it’s the perfect place to start your journey and find out more about Josslyn and Alicia before diving into the full series. Josslyn has a problem. A big problem. Not only is she fed up with her loser boyfriend hitting her, but she also has Alicia to deal with … And Alicia wants to kill the said boyfriend. Alicia is the psychotic voice in her head who seems to have her own personality and take can over her body at will, resulting in blackouts and memory loss. Josslyn has never told anyone about Alicia and isn’t about to start now. But can she deal with her abusive boyfriend on her own … or will Alicia need to step in and save the day? My Bad Self is also available to purchase on Amazon. The three books in the My ... Self series are My Dark Self, My True Self and My Real Self and are available to purchase on Amazon or read for FREE via Kindle Unlimited.