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"The Last Song of Ilid"

by M. H. Woodscourt

Caught between memory and mercy, can he bring himself to slay the fallen prince?
A Wintervale Short Story
# Fantasy
# Young Adult
# Sword & Sorcery
# High Fantasy
# Magic

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Celin'Laen is tracking his fellow fae through the True Wood in order to kill him. But this isn't about revenge or bloodlust. It's a mercy to end the fallen creature's suffering. In order to carry out the deed, Celin'Laen must enter the ruins of his former home and relive the painful memories of kinder days. Faced with the ghosts of a distant age, can he still bring himself to slay his own prince? ***This Wintervale short story takes place before the events of the Wintervale duology. Book 1: The Crow King is now available as of September 1, 2020! Learn more at***