"Growing Up Princess"

by Bill & Mia Belew

Every little girl's dream is to grow up to be like the princesses they dreamed about.
A wish list for young girls who aspire to become a real princess
# Children's
# Middle Grade
# Fantasy
# Fairy Tale
# Multicultural

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Welcome to the Growing Up Aimi world. My name is Aimi Wilby. I am not a real person. But I might be. It depends on your imagination. I was created by Bill and Mia Belew. They are a father and daughter writing team. Bill is old. Really old. I mean like ancient. He got tired, then retired, then finally gave up. He doesn’t work at all any more except to help Mia write books about me. Mia is a 6th grader. She goes to a 6-12th grade private Christian school in Silicon Valley. She’s all high-techy and stuff. But, she still really likes books. Books with pages and stuff that you can hold in your hand. Since Mia writes books about me, I thought I would write a couple of books about her. Yeah. Go figure. She created me. She wrote a series about me. As a result, I decided to write books about her. Does your head hurt yet? This book is all about princesses. If you’ve never been a little girl then you can’t understand why little girls like princesses or might want to grow up and be a princess … or just be like a princess. That’s what this book is about … Growing Up Princess. There are tree parts. Each gives you an insight into Mia and how she and her dad created me.