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by Abby Hall
A girl. A bird. A half elf. Another girl, who looks just like the first girl. Chaos?
A fun but thoughtful coming-of-age fantasy where love knows no bounds.
Available in MOBI and ePub

She's a beautiful, clever, lonely girl. He's an elegant, handsome, lonely boy. But, wait, he's actually almost a hundred years old. And he's not even human! When Caprice finds friendship in confident half elf, Rune, she isn't sure what that means. Will love blossom in the magical realm of Elda, or will their happiness fall apart? But...that's not REALLY what this book is about. HAPPENSTANCE is a coming-of-age fairytale following the adventures of a strong-willed girl on her quest to get back home from the magical world of Elda. Caprice learns what family truly means to her as she stands up against a corrupt king and his red-eyed counselor to aid the halflings—like her new friend, Rune—in their fight against injustice.