"Lights Out by Kayelle Allen"

by Kayelle Allen

He can save mankind. All he has to do is die. Again.
If you're fighting immortals who always get back up, you'd better have a way to do the same thing...
# Space Opera
# Sci-Fi
# Adventure
# Genetic Engineering
# Speculative

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When Tornahdo signs on the dotted line, he puts his life into the steady hands of the mighty Ghost Corps. Three grisly deaths and three agonizing resurrections later, he's assigned duty on the space station Enderium Six. He's facing his most dangerous mission yet, subduing and arresting the unconquered enemy of mankind—the immortal king. Does the Corps expect success? Fat chance. Tornahdo and his team are already dead and this mission is codenamed "Lights Out." No, there's more to this than he can see. To discover the truth, he must face an unbeatable, unkillable enemy, and this time—against all expectations for a ghost—find a way to keep himself alive... Get this book plus an illustrated behind the scenes book, free when you sign up for Kayelle Allen's newsletter.