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by Lia Laserre
Near-future SF
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Holograms. Implants. Lies. I'm Ellan Weis, a teen kickboxer. Something happens to me, where I can sense disaster. Before it happens. I live in a world where everyone has a com chip in their wrist...where the only truth of the past cataclysm lies in the darkweb. The schools are rough, bullies walk the halls, gangs work the streets. My mother’s a key player in rolling out the new haloband, a smart-VR headgear technology at Starcom. My brother’s a hacker working at the same company. A conspiracy is among us. Something to do with the haloband. My family is in danger. Even with my street smarts and these newfound powers, can I save my family? Don't miss this gritty coming-of-age technothriller...