by John Pearce

The origin story behind Treasure of Saint-Lazare
Where did Eddie Grant come from?
# Action
# Adventure
# Billionaires
# Historical Fiction
# Thriller

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When we met Eddie in the first novel of the series he had already been a decorated Special Forces company commander in Operation Desert Storm and was now comfortably established as a wealthy businessman in Paris. Lauren is a short story telling the tale of Eddie's youth in Paris, his formative college years in Texas, where he met some of the people who would be most important to him in later life, including Lauren Adams. After college he met Jen Wetzmuller, who would have a profound effect on his life and would reappear several times. Follow Eddie's progress from the time he arrives at West Texas State on the edge of the desert until, after much personal sadness and heartache, he finds his footing and starts to exact revenge against the international criminals who did so much damage to his family. An in the process he finds an unbreakable, lasting romance. The Eddie Grant Series is available exclusively on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and large print paperback editions.