"Finding Lottie"

by Hilary Pugh

A new home and a new companion. A steady flow of humdrum work. What could possibly go wrong?
Ian Skair : Private Investigator
# Detective
# Mystery
# Private Investigator
# Second Chance

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Ian Skair retired from the police following a heist in which he was shot. He now works as a private investigator taking safe if dull cases. He lives alone with his dog in a quiet village. Lottie the dog likes to explore and one day she doesn’t come home. Ian sets out to find her with the help of a feisty school teacher and a small girl who is very good at drawing. Will it be a simple matter of finding a lost dog or will he be drawn into something far more sinister? Finding Lottie is a prequel to the Ian Skair: Private Detective series. It is a novella which will be followed by full length novels.